Vintage Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners

Remanufactured Electrolux Canister Vacuum Cleaner's

Welcome to my page with all Totally Rebuilt, Vintage Electrolux Canister Vacuum Cleaners, plus the appropriate optional accessories that are available for them.

They are all Refurbished, Have Rebuilt Motor's, Tested, and are Cleaned Inside & Out.

New hoses are an option available when the originals are collapsed, and no longer useable.

Every one of the Vintage Electrolux Vacuums has been Run, The Machine Tested for Proper Vacuum with a water lift gauge to Assure Excellent Operation, & Suction, and All Of Them Will Perform As Good Or Better Than New.

The motors come with a One Year Guarantee from the date of purchase.
You send the vacuum back, I'll repair the motor, and ship it back.
Normal wear items, switches, cords, wheels, self inflicted damage, etc, is not covered.
You send it back & I'll repair whatever is broken for the price of the parts plus a flat repair fee, plus shipping costs.

I also offer a restoration service for your worn out or dead Electrolux.

My E-Mail address is ;

All of the ordering & shippng information can be found at the bottom of this web page--

Read on and see see the neat & unusual vintage Electrolux Vacuum cleaning equipment I have available--

Any Vintage Electrolux, is a much better buy & more dependable than any plastic Wal- Mart, K-Mart, or Target-- use twice & throw away / disposable vacuum cleaner.

These Vacuum cleaner's were built to withstand the test of time, and Take a Licken' and Keep on Ticken'


1927 Electrolux Model XI

This Model XI is the second vacuum cleaner Electrolux produced.

It's really something to see and think about how folks got their homes cleaned early on--

This Electrolux is in nice shape for being 83 years old and worked like a charm--

I sold the XI awhile back, but I think it merits leaving the picture of it here for folks to see what Electrolux had to offer years ago.


Electrolux Model 30

The Model 30 has been around since 1937 and is one tough vacuum cleaner.
This Electrolux is a 1948.
It's simple, built totally out of steel & aluminum, has a re-usable dust bag, and is pretty much the standard for a tough dirt eating machine--


Rear View of the Electrolux Model 30

The exhausted air passes through the spring loaded louverd doors.
The hose can be placed in the doors to use as a blower, or to insert the optional moth ball vaporizer or spray gun,
That's right--you could paint you car with this vacuum & the spray attachment.


The Front Side of the Electrolux Model 30

Here's where the suction side of the machine is--and where the cloth / reusable dust / dirtbag is

This model 30 comes just like you see it---along with the wands, carpet, bare floor tool.
The vacuum comes with a cord, hose & dust bag.

Not really expensive either for an all original rebuilt vacuum at $160.00 plus shipping.

If you want a new hose, bag, filter's, cord, or any other parts added to the rebuild, they are all available at an additional cost.
Please ask.


Electrolux Deluxe Model 30

Here's a Deluxe Model 30 with a cord rewinder & a the cleaning tool mount on the top of it.
You can mount all of the cleaning tools on it's back rather than having them be laying on the floor in the closet.
The accessory tool caddy can also be mounted on the back of a closet door--just to keep the tools all together --

The Deluxe 30 also comes with all of it's original component's.
The hose, cord, & dust bag are all period Electrolux original.


Electrolux Deluxe Model 30

You can see how the optional tool caddy is mounted on the back of the Model 30 with the tools on it.

The price of this vacuum is $195.00 with all of the above mentioned, hose, tools & accessories, plus the rewinder & tool caddy.

If you want brand new hose, filter, bag or cord they are all available, and can be added to the cost of the rebuilt machine.
Whatver you'd like.


Electrolux Model 30 Accessory Disposable Bag Option

Here's an interesting accessory offered by Electrolux for your model 30.
Remove the front aluminum cover, pop the adapter assembly into the machine, and now you can use 4 ply disposable filter bags.

If your cloth bag is ripped , torn, or just worn out, this is another option to replace it, and get cleaner flitered air out the back of the machine.


Here you can See the cover off & the type C bag

Turn the two thumb screws, pop off the accessory bag cover, and remove & toss the full bag, and pop in a new one.


Side Shot With the Model 30 Disposable Filter Accessory

The hose fits in into the front of the machine just
as it did before.--It snaps right into the inlet chamber hole.

The Accessory Disposable Bag Adaptor is $59.00 complete with 5 new Type C 4 ply filter bags--plus shipping.

Neat , Unusual, Factory ,Electrolux accessory item--and it works very well.


Electrolux Model 30 Replacement Power Cord.

I have replacement power cords for the Standard Model 30 Electrolux.

If you have a frayed cord at either one of the plugs, or the original cord is shot or broken, here is a new cord to get your Model 30 back up & running.

$45.00 plus shipping.


Type 30 Replacement Dust Bag

Here is a Genuine, Original Electrolux canvas replacement dust bag for your Model 30, if yours has a hole in it or it's worn out or gone.
This is the only dust bag that will fit the Electrolux Model 30 and comes with a new door rubber gasket attached.

This is NOT an aftermarket replacement bag for the Model 30.

$40.00 plus shipping.


Electrolux Model 30 Dust Filters

The Model 30 Electrolux was possibly the first vacuum cleaner to have a Hepa type dirt capturing dust filter on the vacuums exhaust.
It is easily replaceable, and fits inside of the back grill.
It catches all of the dirt & dust being blown out of the machine, rather being blown into the room you just cleaned.
They should be changed every 90 days.

I have these available for $20.00 for a box of two of them, plus shipping.


Electrolux Model 30 Sprayer Attachment

Here's the sprayer attachment for the model 30 , you can spray your plants, paint your car or the kids wagon & bike, or spray shampoo onto your rug prior to scrubbing it.

Stick the vacuum hose into the exhaust door, attach it to the sprayer, and you can spray just about anything you want.

They are brand new, and are $19.99, plus shipping.


Electrolux Model 30 Vaporizer

This attachment also goes into the exhaust door of the Model 30 ( or actually any Electrolux) and you fill it with moth balls, lay the vacuum cleaner in the closet, run the cord under the door, and plug it in.

It'll kill every moth you have, think of having, or might ever have.

Neat Brand New accessory--

$15.95 plus shipping.


Eleectrolux Model 30 & Up Original Hose Renew!

I've had many folks ask for a good original hose. for their older Electrolux's, be it a 30, 60, G, L whatever.
New nylon covered, original hoses are tough to locate.

Folks have been pouring Latex down their hoses trying to repair the leaking hoses and this isn't the answer.
It'll dry up, crack & leak, and at best a short lived solution.
The first time the hose gets yanked around a corner, pulled on , or run over by the kids tricycle, it's a leaker again.

I have developed the right way of doing this job, and the hoses are leak free, and draw the same suction at the end of the hose as it does at the intake of the Vac.

You can send me your hose to renew, or I still have a few nice looking hoses that I can seal.

Either way, i have the fix for ths age old problem.

One note;
If your hose is fractured,, fraying, crushed, or flattened out, it's all done.
Nothing but a new hose can fix this problem.

But--if your hose is in nice shape and is losing suction through the woven rubber bands inside and through the nylon webbing on the outside, I have the Fix.

Inquire, drop me a line and ask for details.


"Garment Aire"

Here's a really rare Electrolux Accessory item to be finding brand new in the box.

It's a mid 50's Garment Aire clothes protector.

Hang it up in your closet, put the clothes, jacket's, coat's into it, zip it up, and with the accessory vaporizer on the exhaust outlet & the hose, blow the air into the Garment Aire--it's good for as long as it's in storage.

It come complete with the Electrolux instruction booklet & the factory box it came in originally.

Really a neat, & rare, brand new Electrolux accessory.

$79.00 plus Fed-Ex shipping .


Top Of the Garment Aire Box--

The box as well as the accessory Garment Aire inside of it are all in perfect, new original condition.


Garment Aire Instruction Manual

Here you can get an idea of how this accessory works, and how it hooks up to the exhaust outlet of the Electrolux.
It will work perfect with any early or later model Electrolux.


Electrolux Floor & Rug Scrubber

This is an Electrolux accessory that fits on the end of the vacuum wand, and will scrub & clean your tiles, hardwood floors, or rugs.

It was first made available with the Model 30, 60, the T, and probabaly into the first E's.

Spray the floor cleaner or shampoo on the floors and turn on the Vacuum with the floor scrubber attached to the wand.

The spinning brush does all of the work--

It does a real nice job, and it really works well on rugs--it scrubs the dirt out and fluffs the pile up real good.

I have the original Electrolux instruction booklet that come with it--

$45.00 plus shipping.


Electrolux Model 60 ( LX )

Here's the next vacuum Electrolux made--and the first vacuum to have a self ejecting, disposable paper dirttbag.
When the bag is full, the front door pops open, shuts the vacuum off, and the machine automaticly ejects the full bag out of the machine.
Pretty neat.
I've never seen another vacuum quite like this---

This first issue Electrolux model 60 with the hose, and all of the standard cleaning accessories--
it is $170.00 plus shipping.

If you want the optional automatic cord re-winder, the price is $190.00, the optional tool caddy, $210.00 plus shipping.


1956 Electrolux Model T

This is a real unusual, and a rare Electrolux.
It was manufactured in 1956 to compete with Hoover and their economy model.
It was priced at about $54.95 , plus the extra accessories that a customer might want with it.
It's production run was for about 6 months, and then Electrlux discontinued it.
It was a sales flop, and the profit margin for the dealers was slim.
They used it as an advertising gimic and usually moved the potential customer up into a higher priced Electrolux once they had him in the door.

it isn't a bad vacuum, as it draws 45 to 48 inches of water lift, the same as the Model 30 which the dealer usually moved the client up to.

It's a plain Jane, but pretty rare just because of the limited time it was built, and how unusual it is.

The Model T Cannister as shown is $300.00 plus shipping.


Electrolux Model "T " with Accessories

The standard accessories that came with the Thrift model was the vacuum hose, the combination dust brush & upolstery tool, which clipped onto the Vacuums cannister back, & the filp dual purpose rug & hardwood floor tool.
The cord & hose are original equipment.

The Model T vacuum with the standard original accessories is $379.00 plus shipping.

It's in real nice overall condition, with the exception of being totally cleaned inside & out, the motor has been rebuilt, and the entire vac serviced.

It's an excellent running, unusual, rare Electrolux vacuum cleaner.


Electrolux Model G

This is the Electrolux Model G.
The front door automaticly open up & shuts the machine off when the vacuum bag is full.
It has disposable paper type bags.
It has a built in cord re-winder.
This G is in Hammertone Blue.

It's powerful, & a neat looking vacuum cleaner.

This particular unit is an Electrolux factory rebuilt vacuum, and has been totally refurbished--inside & out.
Any of the rebult G's--all by themselves--no floor or dusting accessores is $195.00
The model G complete with the hose, floor & dusting accessories for $270.00

An optional PN-1 power rug tool is available for this machine --it plugs into the front side of it , for $70.00 extra, plus the cost of a new electric hose or power cord..


Rare 1961 Electrolux Model G Special Eddition !!

Now here is an ultra rare find!!

A Brand Spanking New, never been used, 1961 Electrolux model Model G Special Eddition.
It was presented as a sales award to an Electrolux salesman excelling in sales in one months time his given region.

The G has never been used, it's been stashed in a closet since it was presented.
It is Brand New!
The cannister portion is metallic gold, the hub caps on the wheels, the wand sections & the trim on the floor tools are all gold plated.

What a find!
Plus you have the bonus buy of a lifetime in getting a brand New 1961 Vacuum Cleaner for less than a plastic, use & toss away Dyson.

A Real Neat, Rare, Very Low Production, Brand New Gold G.


Limited Production G With Standard Floor & Dusting Tools

Here is another picture of the Metalic Gold, Limited Production G with the standard floor & dusting tools that came with it.

Take a look at the gold hubcaps & the Gold Plated Wands---I've have never seen another Limited production G quite like this.

Nice Find for a collector, or for somebody that wants a brand new G to use.

A collector has found this Gold G and it has sold.
I thought I leave it posted here so it can be looked at and drooled over.

One sweetheart of a Vacuum.


Electrolux Hospital G

I think this is the first vacuum cleaner available anywhere to have a HEPA type exhaust filter.
It's a Hospital G, and with the filter on the exhaust, it grabs all of the dust particles blowing out of the machine.
It's a very rare example of an Electrolux G.

$350.00 for the machine only.

This Hospital G is sold.
I run into these unique machines from time to time.
If your interested in one drop me a line, & I'll let you know if I have one, and / or when I'll have another.


Electrolux FA

This is an F automatic or an Automatic F Electrolux--either way would be correct.
It's an automatic rear door opening & automatic shut off Model F Electrolux.
It uses disposable 4 ply paper dust bags.

It is one sweetheart of a vacuum cleaner, has been totally rebuilt, cleaned inside & out.
It develops excellent suction.

It pulls 65" to 70" of water lift on the Vacuum suck-o-meter, which is all a brand new Arus / Electrolux develops .

This machine has a manual cord rewinder.
I have the correct optional automatic rewinder's avaiIable for the F's


Electrolux FA With Cleaning Accessories

The FA cannister only is $195.00.

If you want an automatic cord rewinder installed, add $45.00

Here's what comes with the standard cleaning package;
The hose, two wands, combination floor & hardwood tool, & dusting brush & upolstery tool add $55.00

A power rug / floor nozzle is available $80.00 & will plug into the front end of the Vacuum--there is an built in electrical outlet for it.


Electrolux L's

Here are a few Electrolux L vacuums I have available--all rebuilt, all have excellent suction, and I have them in several different varieties--colors & features.

This white L has an automatic cord rewinder on it--
The L's all have manual non automatic front doors.
You have to examine the dust bags to know when they are full.


Electrolux Standard L

Here's a Standard L.
No rewinder, no automatic front door or shut off.

It has excellent suction , been totally rebuilt--it looks like new---


Electrolux Gold L

Here's a side shot of the rare gold colored L with the automaic cord rewinder mounted.
All of the L's have an electric outlet on the front side of the vacuum to power the optional electric power floor nozzle.


Electrolux L With The Standard Cleaning Accessories

Here's another white Electrolux L, with a manual cord rewinder & all of the standard floor & dusting accessories.
Every one of the L's have the same accessories that come with it--plus the optional power floor tool is available.

The L's are $195.00 ( canister only)
With the standard floor tools & hose add $55.00
With the automatic rewinder add $45.00.
Iif you want the PN-1 power floor tool & the electric hose add $80.00.
All kinds of purchasing options.

The Electrolux L's are light weight, and powerful vacuum cleaner's--a real good dirt eating machine.


Model L Power Cord

I have replacement power cords for the Standard L's ( Without Cord Rewinder )
These are Genine Electrolux cords.

$45.00 plus shipping


Electrolux 1205

Here's Electrolux first move into the more modern looking appliance age.

The 1205 is a powerful vacuum cleaner, has a built in cord re-rewinder, top exhaust door, automatic rear door opening & motor shut off when the bag is full, and you can adjust the amount of vacuum for the job your doing--heavy dirt, fine dust.

It draws 80 inches of water lift on the vacuum testing gauge, which is an impressive, high performance machine.

A brand new $1700.00 Arus / Electrolux doesn't draw this much vacuum.

It's real nice machine, and with all of the standard floor cleaning & dusting attachments, plus a brand new hose it's just $275.00 plus shipping.


Electrolux 1205 With An Accessory Power Floor Tool

Here's the Electrolux 1205 with the optional electric power rug & floor tool.

The hose has an electric outlet that the power wand plugs into.

With all of the standard floor & dusting tools, plus the PN-1 power wand, & electric hose this machine is $355.00, plus shipping.


Electrolux PN-2 Power Rug Tool Assembly

Here's a picture of a PN-2 Power Rug Tool assembly from the end of the hose to the floor tool.

This tool works very well in extracting the dirt from your rugs, & fluffing the pile back up.

The serviced & tested PN-2 Floor Tool ( Only ) is $97.00 plus shipping.

( Note; To power this floor tool up on your Vac, you will need to purchase either a new electric hose or a optional hose power cord to make it function.
Your Electrolux will also need to have the electrical outlet on the front of it.

The cost of the tool does not included the proper electric hose or the proper electric cord--which I do have available --Inquire about this update.
If you already have an electrc hose or the hose with the power cord on it, or in it--you will need nothing else to make the floor tool function )


Electrolux Super J

Here's an Electrolux super J.
It's one tough, dirt eating vacuum cleaner.

It draws 82 inches of water lift on the vacuum testing gauge--much more than a brand new $1700.00 all plastic, Areus / Electrolux.

It has adjustable suction feature that allows you to increase or decrease the suction depending on what kind of dirt you want it to eat, a automatic front door opening feature, that pops the door open when the paper bag is full.
It has a built in automatic cord rewinder.

This is one real nice Electrolux.


Side View of the Electrolux Super J

You can see the cord re-winder on the back side of the vacuum in this picture.
The rebuilt Super J is $295.00 with all of the standard floor cleaning attachment's, plus the dusting, & upolstery tool.
With the the PN-4 power carpet tool attachment & used electric hose, the Super J is $375.00 plus shipping.

It's powerful dirt eating machine


Electrolux 1401 B Olympia One

Here's another powerful Electrolux.

This 1401 B Olympia One has 83 inches of water lift and is a serious dirt sucking machine.

It too has a rebuilt motor and is in very nice overall condition.
It works perfect.


Electrolux 1401 B With The Standard Cleaning Accessories

Here is the Olympia One with all of the standard cleaning tools--
It's $295.00 plus shipping.
If you would like the PN-4 power rug cleaning tool & electric hose along with it , the price is $395.00 plus shipping.


Electrolux Type C Cannister Dust Bag / Filter's

Here's replacement dust bags & air fliter's for any Electrolux cannister that requires them--from an LX to a Silverado, and including all; E's, F's, FA's, G's, L's, 1205's J's, Super J's, Olympics, etc.

The dust bag / filter's come 12 to a package for $13,00, plus priority mail postage.

If you need to know the Vintage Vacuum to bag application, please drop me a line--I'll let you know what bag you need.


Vacuum Testing Instrument--Suckometer

Here is exactly how I determine how much vacuum any of the machines I remanufacture is pulling..
It also measures the free wheeling amperage draw, and loaded vacuum draw.

The top gauge is the water lift gauge, the bottom one is the amperage.
The red light indicates a good complete circuit.

The testing inlet is on the right hand side of the box, and this is where the hose is placed for the test.

The box get's plugged into a 110 outlet, the vacuum gets plugged into the 110 outlet in the tester.


If you ever want to know how much vacuum your machines are pulling, and how much amperage they are drawing, I have a couple of these available for you to have & use at home--or at your shop.
It'll tell you right away what the vac is doing--in real time.

It will also tell you if the hose you have on your machine is good or collapsed.

Real Nice Testing Equipment to Have---

$75.00 plus shipping.





Ordering any of the items listed in this page is simple.

First drop me a line, let me know what vacuum your interested in, and where the vacuum or parts are going to be shipped.

My E-Mail address is;

A zip code is good, unless your an International customer.

I'll e-mail you back with the shipped cost, and you can forward the funds using cash , check, postal money order, or your visa, master card, & discover credit cards on order's over $100.00.

Not complicated.

The vacuum cleaner's I ship via Fed-Ex,
The parts can get shipped via priority mail--ask.
International order's go via International priority mail.

My mailing address is;

Terry Kay
621 Larkdale Ln.
Mt.Prospect, IL. 60056

My contact phone number is;

If you have any questions, please ask.

I have many parts and accessories available for most all older, (1937 to 1979) Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners.
Drop me an E-Mail and let me know what you need.

A few folks have asked & inquired about rebulding or restoring their vacuums.
Here is the difference,
A Rebuilt Electrolux has a rebuilt motor, and all of the switches, & controls have been tested and function perfectly.
The fans, interior of the vacuum has been cleaned of all dirt & dust, the seals & gaskets are inspected, and in good condition, the outside has been cleaned & polished & waxed.

A Restored Electrolux is stripped down to the bare cannister, the motor is rebuilt, all new switches & operating components, fans & interior cleaned to new condition, all new gaskets, seals & the cannister has been repainted to brand new condition.

It operates & looks as new.
There is a price difference in the two operations.

Both the Rebuilt & Restored versions come with a 1 year motor quarantee.

I also would like to comment on this often asked question;

"Hey, I can buy, or have seen the same model Electrolux's offered at E-Bay for 50 to $100.00", with "great, or good suction".

Well, yes you can.
Ask that seller if the motor's are new, and what sort of suction they actually produce in inches of water lift, and what sort of guarantee they come with.

They will tell you they don't know what measurement of suction it might have, and there isn't any guarantee , other than it works.

What you are buying is a vacuum that has been bought at Salvation Army, Goodwill, garage, estate or foreclosure sale.

9 times outa 10 your buying a used up, worn out machine, that the seller has paid 5-10 dollars for, and is selling it, without touching it.
He has no idea what condition the vac might really be in.

I've looked at my suction test gauges and I can't seem to find the measurement "Good Or Great" listed on them.

If the vacuum cleaner is pulling is hand to the end of the hose or the intake of the vac--it's good suction.

Beware of what might look like a good deal.
It really isn't.

Just something to think about.

Thanks for visiting my Vintage Electrolux Web Page.



Rebuilt,Restored, Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster's.

Here are some new items I've decided to add to the web page.

I've been re-building Older, Vintage Sunbeam MIixmaster's for years for folks that have ask me to.

It's alway's been when I deliver an Electrolux and the lady of the house asks me if I can look at her Mixmaster, that doesn't seem to want to work as it did 60 some years ago.

I am soft at heart and have never said no.

I have maybe 25 rebuilt, early 50's to late 50's Mixmasters.
All refurbished, some rebuilt & restored, all in like new condition.
White Mixmaster's, Pink Mixmaster's, Green Mixmaster's, Chrome Mixmaster's..

I have white , green, pink, clear, and stainless steel bowls available,
The bowls are al genuine Sunbeam.

I have a few Sunbeam accessories for all of the mixer's..

If your interested in, or looking for a real nice, built to last, stand type mixer ( actually the mixer is removeable from the stand and can be used as a hand mixer) , feel free to ask.

They definatly have the old time art deco flavor, and are a good, solid, tough,old mixer--not plastic & disposable , and all steel construction, all are infinitily re-buildable.

The motor's are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase.

Ask for prices, accessories, and availability.

Really neat, vintage, tough & versatile mixer's.


1951 10-A Sunbeam Mixmaster And an Accessory Juicer

This is a real nice machine.
Runs like a clock--
All the speeds work perfect.
It's been torn down, new motor brushes, bearings oiled, the gear box greased, the governor serviced & adjusted.
It's as clean as a whistle, inside & out.

The 2 mixmaster mixing bowls & the original owner's manual come with the Model 10 Mixmaster for $185.00
If you would le have the Juicer attachment the price is $215.00

Plus Fed-Ex shipping.


Sunbeam Model 11C

Here is a perfect example of a 1955 Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 11 C.
It was the top of the line for Sunbeam in 1955 / 56

It's been totally rebuilt, the mixer has perfect chrome & the base & turntable is spotless.

All of the speeds operate as new.

It comes with a 6" & 11" Sunbeam mixer bowls, and the original owner's & recipe manual.

This is one nice Sunbeam Mixmaster.

$275.00 plus shipping.


Restored Standard Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 12

Here's a restored White Sunbeam Mixmaster model 12.
It's all been serviced, repainted with better than factory Dupont acrylic enamel color matched perfect to the original paint.

It'll be good for another 50--60 years of kitchen service.

It comes with two Sunbeam 6" & 11" bowls, two perfect beater's and the factory owner's & recipe manual.

It runs perfect, & all the speeds are spot on the money.

$195.00 plus shipping.


1957 Sunbeam Mixmaster 12 C

Here's the top of the line offering in 1957 for Sunbeam.
A Chrome Model 12.
It has 12 operating speeds, and this one has 2 stainless mixing bowls.
It also has the original operating / recipe manual included.

It's as clean as new, from the top to bottom, inside & out.
All of the speeds function perfect--
The motor & gear box have all been serviced for another 60 plus years of dependable operation..

$275.00 plus shipping.


1957 Sunbeam Mixmaster Pink Model 12

This is a pretty rare Pink 1957 Model 12 Sunbeam Mixmaster.
( 80% of them were white, 15% in pink, 5% in green )

This model 12 has 12 speeds.

It has been all serviced & cleaned inside & out..
New motor brushes have been installed.
The speed control is adjusted and all of the speeds work perfectly.

It comes with 2 Pink Mixmaster bowls, one 6" one 11", and has the original owner's manual.

$250.00 plus Fed-Ex shipping.

I do have juicer's for the Model 12's available


Sunbeam Mixmaster Pink Bowls

Here's a nice set of Sunbeam pink mixer bowls.
The 6" one has a small 1/16th" nick in the ring on the bottom of it--the rest of it is perfect as is the 9' bowl.

$55.00 for the pair plus shipping.


1957 Green Sunbeam Mixmaster Model 12

Here's the other rare (r) Sunbeam Mixmaster of the 50's
A 12 speed Model 12 in Green.

It's been serviced, runs like a clock, has the two correct Sunbeam matched green mixing bowls, a perfect set of beater's, plus the 1957 owner's & recipe manual.

It's as clean as a whistle, and every speed operates perfect.

$250.00 plus shipping.


1957 Mixmaster Junior

Here's a real nice mid 50's Mixmaster Junior hand mixer--In Chrome.
Looks as good as new, and it has been serviced--runs & operates perfect.

$75.00 plus shipping.


Side shot of the Sunbeam Mixmaster Jr.

This is one real nice Sunbeam Mixmaster Jr., and in it's time, it was the top of the line for portable hand mixer's offered from Sunbeam.


Turquoise Sunbeam Mixmaster Jr.

Here's another pretty rare, not often seen Sunbeam Mixmaster Junior.
It's in turquoise Blue / Green.
It looks like it was hardly used, on the exterior, and when I took it apart to service it, the armature & brushes looked like brand new too--

No wear anywhere.

It is a pretty hand mixer, and functions as new.

$75.00 plus shipping


Front End of the Turquoise Sunbeam Mixmaster Jr.

Nice & tidy Mixmaster--no chips, no cracked or faded paint.
Like I said--it sure doesn't look as though it was
used much


Standard White / Black Mixmaster Junior

Here's the pretty much standard White with a Black handle hand Sunbeam Mixmaster Junior.

I's been all serviced, and works perfect.

$55.00 plus shipping.


Already Have A Sunbeam Mixmaster?

Do you have your Mom's, Grandma's, or Aunt Tillie's 50's Vintage Sunbeam mixmaster, and it isn't running quite like it used to?

All of the speeds don't function properly?
Is the mixer making some growling noises?

Think it might need servicing after 60 years of use?
Does the mixer run fine, but the paint is falling off from years of hard use?

I also offer a rebuilding & restoration service.

Remove the motor section of your mixer, put it in a box & send it to me.

Prior to performing any work or restoration, I'll send you an e-mail with an estimate of repair's , or what it will cost to restore it to brand new operating condition.

The inspection prior to repair fee is $25.00 if you decide you don't want to invest in repairs for your classic mixer.
If you decide to have the mixer repaired, the inspection fee is waved as part of the repair or restoration.

Simple, no hidden costs, you'll know right away what the mixer will need & what it'll take to get it up and running or restored.
Or--if the mixer needs too much in repair's--I'll take it in trade on an already rebuilt or restored Mixmaster motor unit.

All kinds of options are available.

The usual turn around time is 10--14 days , depending on what type of work you want performed.

A full restoration will take a bit longer than a mechanical diagnosis & repair.

I also have some parts available for the Vintage 50's, 60's Sunbeam Mixmaster's.

Please feel free to contact me for details, & availability.

I think the older, vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster's are a really neat, retro kitchen appliance, and do warrant keeping them running and looking good.

What a neat display appliance on your kitchen counter to remind you & anyone that see's it of the Art Deco days gone bye, plus be able actually use it as a bonfied high quality kicthen appliance.

Maybe a good time to reflect back to the "Good Old Days' which included ;
June Cleaver, Harriet Nelson, & Donna Reed.

The Sunbeam Mixmaster has never been quite duplicated, but very often imitated.


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